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JERRY BELLER - Author, Blogger, Activist

Jerry Beller is a self-driven author who spent decades grooming his craft. During this period, he coached competitive sports and become a health and fitness specialist. A meticulous researcher, Beller combines his expertise in nutrition and fitness with his passion for writing to produce a series of health books.

Jerry Beller also writes fiction under two pen names: JB when he writes solo, and Grant Beller when he coauthors with his wife of 28 years, Nicola Beller.

Jerry is a prolific blogger on his website, and also at Author Alliance. In addition to his popular blogs, he’s built a large social media following, including over 120,000 followers on his personal Twitter account.


As with his popular blog, Jerry dives into a wide variety of subjects in his nonfiction books. Beller specializes in health, fitness, preventive medicine, alternative medicine and developing healthier habits.

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