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JP Lane - Indies Unite Recommended Author

JP Lane - Romantic Suspense

History buff and fashion designer JP Lane writes Romantic Suspense. 

JP delivers an international perspective. Born in Jamaica, the longtime Miami resident has traveled the world. As a result, the characters in her book trek from New York to London, from Prague to the Columbia, and throughout the Caribbean. 

JP moved from Miami to the Florida countryside in the "little house in the big woods." In this tranquil atmosphere, she plots her books, tweets, reads books, and fights for animals, the environment, and social justice. 


Ben Woodard - Middle Grade Author

Ben Woodard - Middle Grade Author

Ben Woodard's middle name is not "adventure," but you'd never know it by the way he lives. Ben climbed and stood 18,000 feet into Mount Everest. He surfed in Hawaii and hiked across Tibet. 

Such experiences made Ben a natural to write adventurous books. Depending on the book, Ben's audience ranges from young children to young adult. 

When not climbing some picturesque mountain or taking on some mighty surf, Ben, and his wife, Lynda, live in the bluegrass state of Kentucky. 



John Briggs - Middle Grade Biographies

John Briggs - Middle Grade Author

John Briggs writes engaging biographies for his middle-grade audience. A former nationally syndicated children's TV critic, John's books focus on such rich historical figures as Pete Seeger, Judy Garland, and Mary Dyer. 

To supplement his living, John also edits books for a wide variety of authors and genres. 

John currently lives close to the panoramic Hudson River in New York where he and his wife raise a son and a daughter. 



Jerry Beller - headshot

JERRY BELLER - Author, Blogger, Activist

Jerry Beller is a self-driven author who spent decades grooming his craft. During this period, he coached competitive sports and become a health and fitness specialist. A meticulous researcher, Beller combines his expertise in nutrition and fitness with his passion for writing to produce a series of health books.

Jerry Beller also writes fiction under two pen names: JB when he writes solo, and Grant Beller when he coauthors with his wife of 28 years, Nicola Beller.

Jerry is a prolific blogger on his website, and also at Author Alliance. In addition to his popular blogs, he’s built a large social media following, including over 120,000 followers on his personal Twitter account.


As with his popular blog, Jerry dives into a wide variety of subjects in his nonfiction books. Beller specializes in health, fitness, preventive medicine, alternative medicine and developing healthier habits.